Born in London and raised in Brooklyn, I have spent most of my life living in big cities.  I have always felt that the key to surviving a big city, is to spend as much time surrounded by nature and beauty as possible.  

I have build gardens in Kenya, Guatemala, Florida, Seattle, N. California, and of course, New York City.  In my days as a NYC Park Ranger, I directed the restoration of parkland in all 5 Boroughs.  I have co-created wildflower meadows in Central Park, restored estuaries in Brooklyn, developed miles of trail in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens and enhanced woodland habitat city-wide. 

I am passionate about habitat restoration and ornamental garden development using native plants.  I am never more satisfied that when soil has been amended, the right plants for the right place have been selected, irrigation has been installed and a garden is alive with color, light and life.  I look forward to sharing my passion for nature with you.